Congressman Bill Owens is shy about military funding.


America is heading toward fiscal peril. 

Barack Obama and his Congressional allies have overcharged on the nation’s credit card. Now they are afraid to make the tough choices that are so desperately needed to pull our  country back from a fiscal abyss.

They had a chance today to propose a budget that would put our country on a path to more jobs, more growth and more opportunity by getting our nation’s fiscal house in order.  Instead, Obama and his team have proposed a budget that is nothing more than political document designed to help them with reelection.  
NY 23rd. Congressional candidate, Matt Doheny
recently visited Cape Vincent, NY as part of his
Donuts with Doheny Town Hall Tour.

The president proposed zero structural changes to entitlements, proving that he’d rather be popular than protect our seniors – who will see a 23 percent cut to their Social Security when the fund becomes bankrupt.

Obama also suggests no changes to our fundamentally flawed tax system. It’s anti-competitive at a time when we can least afford it. The president talks of putting our economy back on track, but then levies punitive taxes on small business and job creators to stifle growth.

In addition, Obama used his budget to advocate for yet another $500 billion in military cuts – on top of the $500 billion already scheduled - and two rounds of base closings. This strategy will lessen our readiness to respond to global conflicts and could weaken our economic security.

I am committed to a strong national defense, and that includes keeping Fort Drum well staffed and well equipped.

Matt Doheny,