Senator Chuck Schumer visits Cape Vincent to tout MetalCraft Marine.

Cape-Clayton County legislator, Michael Docteur,
Assembly person A.J. Russell,
and Michael Allen, MetalCraft General Manager
 listen as Senator Schumer
praises MetalCraft Marine's contribution to Cape
Vincent and the North Country economy.
Despite being stuck behind a snowplow and being a little late for his afternoon Cape Vincent visit, Senator Chuck Schumer told the owners of MetalCraft Marine that it was a beautiful day as far as he was concerned. He said he enjoyed the snowy ride from the Watertown Airport.

Shumer said, "I am here to announce that I will fight to the end so that MetalCraft Marine receives the investment that they need from the federal government which will help them grow even more. It's a smart investment that would return two-fold the benefits and jobs right here in the North Country. So, let me tell you. MetalCraft is seeking a $800,000 small shipyard grant from the Maritime Administration which is part of the Department of Transportation to meet their ever-expanding manufacturing demands in the hiring of skilled workers....MetalCraft is a match made in heaven. This is just the kind of company they had in mind."

Holly Boname of ABC50 shoots video as
MetalCraft owner, Tom Roe, gives Senator
Schumer a tour of a Pilot Boat
being built for Key West Harbor Pilots.

The Senator went on to say, "MetalCraft Marine Inc. was established in 1987 and the company began its work in the patrol and workboat market. MetalCraft was readily accepted in the commercial marketplace and began to work closely with key government procurement agencies. Since that time, MetalCraft has carved a name for itself in the North American commercial boat industry, particularly in the designing and building of high speed patrol and search & rescue boats. MetalCraft’s boats have been used by the U.S. Navy for the Force Protection Program and have served in the War on Iraq. MetalCraft focuses its mission on providing a high-quality product with an extensive warranty promise at competitive costs."

MetalCraft is just getting started in Cape Vincent and already employees 14 people. The grant and recent new orders for three seventy-footers will, in the near future, double MetalCraft's Cape Vincent work force.