Senator Chuck Schumer visits Cape Vincent to tout MetalCraft Marine.

Cape-Clayton County legislator, Michael Docteur,
Assembly person A.J. Russell,
and Michael Allen, MetalCraft General Manager
 listen as Senator Schumer
praises MetalCraft Marine's contribution to Cape
Vincent and the North Country economy.
Despite being stuck behind a snowplow and being a little late for his afternoon Cape Vincent visit, Senator Chuck Schumer told the owners of MetalCraft Marine that it was a beautiful day as far as he was concerned. He said he enjoyed the snowy ride from the Watertown Airport.

Shumer said, "I am here to announce that I will fight to the end so that MetalCraft Marine receives the investment that they need from the federal government which will help them grow even more. It's a smart investment that would return two-fold the benefits and jobs right here in the North Country. So, let me tell you. MetalCraft is seeking a $800,000 small shipyard grant from the Maritime Administration which is part of the Department of Transportation to meet their ever-expanding manufacturing demands in the hiring of skilled workers....MetalCraft is a match made in heaven. This is just the kind of company they had in mind."

Holly Boname of ABC50 shoots video as
MetalCraft owner, Tom Roe, gives Senator
Schumer a tour of a Pilot Boat
being built for Key West Harbor Pilots.

The Senator went on to say, "MetalCraft Marine Inc. was established in 1987 and the company began its work in the patrol and workboat market. MetalCraft was readily accepted in the commercial marketplace and began to work closely with key government procurement agencies. Since that time, MetalCraft has carved a name for itself in the North American commercial boat industry, particularly in the designing and building of high speed patrol and search & rescue boats. MetalCraft’s boats have been used by the U.S. Navy for the Force Protection Program and have served in the War on Iraq. MetalCraft focuses its mission on providing a high-quality product with an extensive warranty promise at competitive costs."

MetalCraft is just getting started in Cape Vincent and already employees 14 people. The grant and recent new orders for three seventy-footers will, in the near future, double MetalCraft's Cape Vincent work force.


  1. Anonymous2/24/2012

    Hoooray for the Cape. Hoooooray for the people who volunteer for the development group. Hoooray for Mr. Hirschey for being on the ball.

  2. Thank You MR.Hirschey for bringing MetalCraft Marine to the Cape With US Senator Charles Schumer to come to the Cape To try to give a hand is great The 3 60 foot boats they are bulding here i think are the fire boats for Houston Texas 15 million
    dollar contract wonderful for our little town

  3. Anonymous2/24/2012

    Sure beats stupid Wind Turbines!

  4. Anonymous2/24/2012


    if they have a 15million dollar contract going why does the AMERICAN taxpayer have to give them all this money?what happened to the day when a business built itself up with private loans and investors.why is it the taxpayer has to do it?as per usual the profits leave this country.

  5. Anonymous2/24/2012

    Yes horray for the Cape, but where does those employees live, in the Cape, I don't think so. How many houses are being sold? Where's that new pharmacy that was suppose to be build next to the new clinic? There's a vacant space , but no new pharmacy Mr Hischey.

  6. Anonymous2/24/2012

    Geeeze ever since Acciona failed you guys have become real grouchy.

  7. Yada Yada2/24/2012

    Now the FEDS take over, right Urban ?
    We'll call it "Urban Development".
    Just tell me one thing if you would. What exactly is Homeland Security going to protect in Cape Vincent? Especially considering Texas oil sold us out to foreign developers,and Houston was built on money from defaulted loans during the Savings and Loan scandal. But I guess that's not important since that has less to do with the current economic situation caused by that other little banking scandal. What does Texas need with such expensive boats ? Is the Texas Air national Guard still protecting them from invasion from Nicaragua? No money for local schools unless it's part of a PILOT program. What's that, 100 million in tax breaks for 3 million in return? Tax breaks from money borrowed or given in subsidies. WTF is wrong with this country? What are they protecting? Just the corporations and their "free trade" with Canada , etc. I'm sick of the nonsense, amd all I hear is cry babies talking about flicker and flutter noise. get a life. Stop destroying everything. These boats are going to do squat for the local economy. Donlt give me that ex military crap either. You aren't the only war veteran around. And di you even serve in a war? All due respect, that is an honorable question to ask from someone who has. Oh yeah, say it. "take your meds". Maybe tjat;s why veterans are so silent with all this BS going on. Not me, thanks.

  8. Anonymous2/25/2012

    more Holly pictures please.

  9. Anonymous2/25/2012

    11:52 Cheer up...

    If MetalCraft provides an additional 14 jobs, then the grant would cost 57,000 per job created.

    If Shumer votes for the federal wind tax benefits they will cost 5.25 Million per job created.

    As the Senator said, "It's a smart investment".

    Especially consider that wind tears communities apart and destroys property value, lifestyle, threatens health and well being and kill birds and bats.

  10. Anonymous2/25/2012

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Senator Chuck Schumer visits Cape Vincent to tout ...":

    Holly grew up between Cape Vincent and Clayton New York, located on the St. Lawrence River near Cedar Point State Park. After graduating from Thousand Islands High School she attended Plattsburgh State University in Plattsburgh New York.

    There she studied photojournalism and was very involved with the journalism department. She worked as the Photo-editor for Plattsburgh State’s student run newspaper Cardinal Points/Cardinal Points Online.. While working as the Photo-editor at Cardinal Points the newspaper was nominated for the prestigious 2006-2007 Newspaper Pacemaker Finalist, ACP.

    There she became familiar to the Watertown Community and serve surrounding area businesses, like Cape Vincent and Clayton, with services to help develop and promote local commerce. She also was able to utilize her graphic design, photography and communication skills for events, meeting and promotions throughout the community, compiling and designing the monthly Chamber Newsletter and Jefferson County Visitor’s Guide and Area Map. She is on the WWTI ABC50 team, working as the News/Online Content Manager, putting her degree to use to benefit the community in which she loves and grew up in.

  11. Anonymous2/25/2012


    You need to get out this weekend and walk around. Get some fresh air and some ultraviolet light on your face. Trust me. It will do you good.

    As for meds? You mentioned it. I presume to comment on that.

  12. Anonymous2/25/2012

    The feds are talking about big time military cuts.
    Tell me folks in CV. Would you rather have continued growth at Drum or money wasted on wind farms?
    Call your reps and tell them what your choice is.

  13. Anonymous2/25/2012

    This works against our better plans for wind. Never will this dinky boat builder save our school like Bp and the wind money will. disgusting. Thanks for nothing Chuckie....

  14. Anonymous2/25/2012

    Let's hope, now that this business has chosen The Cape, that the Village and Town fathers and mothers can convince the owner of the property to clean up his act. Get rid of the rotting railroad ties, move the boats that never go in the water, and mow the grass near Broadway instead of poisoning it once it grows to 3 feet tall. A little pride in ownership, along with MetalCraft's rent money, would be a nice touch.

  15. Anonymous2/25/2012

    Geeeze 11:52

    Take the nails out your pockets and give it a rest.

  16. shirtless2/25/2012

    The only complaints you have are wind towers, noise, and flickering lights. I suppose if I could set aside all of the things I know about political corruption and "Give it a rest" So this is how things are done. Cape Vincent is being run by the national GOP, Great Britain, and now Texas, and the only complaints I see are those regarding wind noise and flicker. No wonder all I get is the same response to my concerns. You support politicians who got their fortunes on Wall Street, welcome firms to your community from Texas and Great Britain and talk vaguely about some PILOT money for local schools and the "green shirts". This sounds like that movie "The Experiment" , or the psychology lesson where blue eyed people were superior to brown eyed people. Your way of thinking may be fine with you, buy it's still minority thinking. It's just a lock step intellectualism where all you have to do is have your noses up each others asses. how all of this nonsense evolved I could be more like you. Give me a list of the meds you take , or what brand of bottled water you drink. How does one become a blind loyalist?

  17. Wilbur2/25/2012

    What has a higher IQ? A rock or a brick with a note attached? Peter. Where do they find people like you? Do you know that Eric Schneider lives in Mexico? Why? maybe he knows something you don't know. he doesn't have a fancy title such as yours, but even CEO or president of a company such as BP, or maybe DOW chemical or Union Carbide won't get you a free coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Listen, I'll buy you a cup of coffee over at the diner. I just changed the oil on my car.Also, don't repeat this but I hear rumors you're not welcome around here. Frankly, it takes a lot less than being a representative of a company like BP to get you on a serious shit list. I knew a guy who stole a septic tank once who ended up in prison for fishing. Go figure. You're not even a local. Even the wannabees aren't getting much notoriety hanging around you. Think of it as the "New Cape Vincent Order". Since all you yukkity yuks like that neo sound to everything. "Neo-intellectual, neo-conservative, neo-Fascist" See the trend here?

  18. Anonymous2/25/2012


    You are a wacked out nut job who keeps coming to this blog making generalized comments about the sorry state of the world.

    Please go somewhere else. You have latched onto this blog for reasons that escape me.

    This blog is about Cape Vincent, the Thousand Islands Region, and how this area can fight wind development unwanted by the majority. If you have nothing specific to say, one way or another, about that, please ply your thoughts someplace where they might be pertinent.

    Surely you can find some proposed bridge to nowhere that can give you a reason to make the same kinds of observations. You have become tiresome and repetitious here. I know you feel misunderstood and unappreciated by us dense folks wallowing around blind in our little universe of unawareness. We get it. Sorry -- we have concrete local issues to deal with.

    I wish the blog owner would would find a trap door for you to fall though.

  19. Railroad Crossing2/25/2012

    2/25/12 4:17 PM That's exactly the reason you will never get it. People like yourself refuse to look or listen to anything beyond your limited view of things. As I've stated many times. Wind will fail as it was intended to fail, and there are those who will take as much money for themselves in the process.Attacking me or my views isn't going to change that course of events one way or the other. You're like some idiot stateside who think he knows how to fight a war on paper. Just because you disagree with anything I have to say doesn't make you right about anything. These people think in the long term and all you can do is attack me because you think it makes you sound intelligent. You aren't. otherwise you would see what the long term goals in all of this. let me know your thoughts again when your electric bill and your water bill double. Then tell me again what a "nut case" I am. You have no clue
    and if all people see is your opinion they don't see much. So maybe it's you who should shut up and let people talk whatever way they want. OK?

  20. Drug Free and happy2/25/2012

    2/25/12 4:17 PM You are such a cry baby. Again. BP will go away , and they will take whatever they have purchased from ACCIONA with them. You claim I make "generalized" staements, buy you have no clue what you yourslef are saying otyher than the same old cliche's those with your limited mentality always say. BP will be very happy to walk away with what they already have, but they want it all. They want to walk away with unearned energy revenues, along with your water rights. You surround yourself with other morons and act as though you're some big think tank that will solve this problem, but you fail to say one thing constructive. No matter what you say or do it will fall into the hands of BP and the politicians who all have their fingers in the energy pie.You have no clue what you're doing, and I do. I don;t have to prove myself to you or anyone else. I do quite well fighting ,my own battles, and frankly, you are nothing to me. I'm 15 years ahead of you at any turn.

  21. school yard bully2/25/2012

    "wah wah wah, mommy. That weird man uses big words and strange concepts that make me feel uncomfortable." "Yes, son, but you're a grown man now. Try to understand things outside in the real world. Some day you'll have to learn to take care of yourself. Mommy won't be around forever and you're 62 now. Now eat your Cocoa Puffs and I'll call Rickey and tell him that you're upset." Poor, sad, little man.

  22. Anonymous2/26/2012

    Last fall I talked to one of the Cape "political leaders".
    He did not attend the MetalCraft welcome day. He was in the village sitting in front of the PO instead. He is actually upset because MetalCraft is making headway in the Cape and proving that the Cape can forge ahead without destroying it with big wind. Also, I was once told by a Village Dept. Head and former Town Board member who has wind leases that we might as well have wind because Cape Vincent was dying anyway.
    The wiley king pro wind movement has been holding the Cape back for years in favor of their own green greed pocket lining. Metal craft is just one more step in taking a healthier direction.

  23. Anonymous2/26/2012


    There will be many more...Many very bright CV people are stepping up to the plate and working on development.

  24. Notsum Jagov2/27/2012

    So, Rick, who the F is this guy to dictate what is and what isn't relevant? You can block me, fine, it's not my problem. I was way ahead of this lonfger than any of you which is why I made the proper decisions, then to be stereotyped by some moron who is most likely a good friend of your is absurd. I have as much vested interest as anyone in this matter. I'm just pointing out the fact that regardless whether BP erects anything or now they'll stioll get the revenues. Cut them now by any means necessary and both problems will go away. One of them will go away anyway, but there's more to it that that. It makes me wonder why someone would be so upset at the truth. It's fine when I make fun of the pro wind people , I don't hear anyone make these stupid remarks then. You'll lose readership if you play this game. Surround yourself with idiots. I don't care.

  25. Anonymous2/27/2012


    I have a great idea for the boatyard..

    Richie Edsall is looking to start a junkyard on Stoney Point.

    The marina can haul its junk out there.