Tentative payroll tax cut pact does not include federal welfare for wind.

WASHINGTON — House-Senate talks on renewing a payroll tax cut that delivers about $20 a week to the average worker yielded a tentative agreement Tuesday, with lawmakers hopeful of unveiling the pact Wednesday and sending the measure to President Barack Obama as early as this week.

The American Wind Energy Ass.
loses it's latest attempt to suck
American Tax Payers dry.
Under the outlines of the emerging agreement, a 2 percentage-point cut in the Social Security payroll tax would be extended through the end of the year, with the nearly $100 billion cost added to the deficit. Jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed would be renewed as well, with the $30 billion or so cost paid for in part through auctioning broadcast spectrum to wireless companies and requiring federal workers to contribute more toward their pensions.

Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, said it was described to lawmakers as a tentative agreement.

Aides in both parties said Senate Democrats were largely rebuffed in an effort to renew a package of expired tax breaks for individuals and businesses, including clean energy tax credits cherished by Democrats. A tax break sought by businesses that purchase new equipment was dropped as well.


  1. Anonymous2/15/2012

    Most people in the Cape could care less about this news or even understand it. But it will give you some idea why Acciona bailed out and Bp gobbled them up so they could have a shot as us in Lyme. Their potential tax credit welfare means nothing without our power line.

  2. BP would not be in the wind business in the first place if it were not for the opportunity to skim taxpayer funded subsidies and tax credits off the top.

    They use the wind energy (fake energy) tax credits to offset the taxes they owe from the real profits they make in the main business of the Corporation – oil and gas.

    Without the availability of these tax credits there really isn't any good business reason for BP to remain in the fake energy business.

    Watch future developments closely. The times they are'a changing.

  3. Anonymous2/15/2012

    How does it feel, residents of Cape Vincent, to know that your town, your community, is regarded by a global corporation as nothing more than a convenient tax shelter?

    That's all you are to BP. And you have neighbors who are fully OK with that, as long as they get some crumbs from the table!

  4. Anonymous2/15/2012

    Until they pass this law don't be surprised if it changes. Don't trust anything Congress does!

  5. Anonymous2/15/2012

    This is about the same thing as when the Farm Bureau started. It was very unpopular and one story I read some years ago went like this.As close as I can recall, anyway. "My boy friend just got out of prison for rape, murder, and armed robbery and wants to ask my father to marry met. My problem is, how do I tell my boyfriend my father is a card carrying member of the Farm Bureau?"

  6. Nostrel Dammus2/15/2012

    They tell us to "forget the past", but damned if it don't make predicting the future a piece of cake.