NY State Power Act-Article X seminar at JCC, Thursday, March 8, 6:30 PM.

Last summer, New York State managed to pass a law that allows the State to override local town laws and jam energy facilities such as industrial wind turbines right down the pie holes of its citizens.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill will explain why
Article X is such a good deal for
Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River
industrial wind targeted towns.
One of the Article X  knights in shining armor, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill,  is traveling all the way up from Kingston, NY to tell us why Article X is such a good deal for our North Country communities that we should be willing to sacrifice our towns, lifestyles, home values and bird and bat populations just so we can provide expensive designer electricity for downstate New York.

Cahill is the Chairman of the New York State Assembly Energy Committee.

He is a supporter of Article X legislation and fully expects our communities to roll over for an energy technology that has no chance of turning a profit without massive state and federal welfare, followed by rapidly rising home electric rates and the decline of home values within sight of wind turbines.

Also present will be our local Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell who is a member of the Assembly's Energy and Economic Development Committee. Addie joined Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush and Senator Pattie Ritchie in voting against the Power NY-Article X legislation.

Hopefully, by now, Assembly member Russell and other local representatives have learned  enough about the horrors of what the speculation of industrial wind has done to destroy the social makeup of targeted communities that she will lend support to those who already have suffered the impacts of projects that are slated to take over entire Thousand Island Communities.

Addie recently welcomed Senator Chuck Schumer to Cape Vincent, NY during his visit to a Cape Vincent boatworks. The new MetalCraft Marine boatworks has already provided more permanent jobs than those promised by industrial wind. And, without gobbling up the entire St. Lawrence River communities and the view scape. 

Those industrial wind targeted communities, especially Orleans and Cape Vincent have prepared extensive economic impact studies of what industrial wind turbines will do to our beautiful Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence communities. The results of those studies do not look favorable. 

Just the depreciation of property values, alone, will wipe out any gains in partial tax payments that are being offered by the foreign wind developers who have targeted our communities.


  1. The WDT has conflicting information. The street version said it was tonight. The online version said next Thursday. People who have called or emailed are telling me it is next Thursday.

  2. Anonymous3/02/2012

    It's on the JCC events calendar for March 8, which you could look at yourself. Your friend who did the M Trieste thing will be there to welcome you Mr Wiley.

  3. Anonymous3/03/2012

    Be sure to be there Rick so you get all the facts straight from the horses mouth. Can't afford to have any variations to the truth. You know how you pride yourself on the truth Rick. You don't want to miss how things will go down. Remember Rick you're up against BP also, they are not a small town operation. They have more than one lawyer in their company. Hard to beat that company like the last one. It's easier to get an article X for one company instead of two, that's why they settled on all the land agreements from the other company. They are no dummies.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2012


    Here is what sou nds like a typical apologia for the BP Gulf spill situation. Think about how all the ordinary folks who lost because of that spill, feel when they read this, the ones who were promised BP would reimburse them. Then think about having the BP god running YOUR towns.

  5. Anonymous3/04/2012

    Anti wind are dead. Wiley be the only one there.
    JCC is pro-wind and they will drive the agenda.
    Students will be there to celebrate the overthrowing of home choice on the important future of industrial wind.