During Privilege of the floor, Cape citizens address Town Board.

From the Steve Weed Productions video, the following is a transcript of the privilege of the floor statements made at the last Town of Cape Vincent Board meeting by town citizens Darrell Burton and Marlene Burton.

Cape citizen Darrell Burton suggests that the
Town Board plan water districts now so they will be
shovel-ready when funding is available. 
Darrell Burton:  Very recently, I was contacted by councilman John Byrne to serve on a water committee. And after reading the document provided by Bernier and Carr, areas under consideration, I learned that areas B and D were the only ones that were affordable water options. All other areas won't be feasible until they have additional users. I spoke with Supervisor Hirschey a week ago and he said they could not be any further water districts until the fourth water filter was added. That same day I learned that the installation of a fourth filter was going to be out for bid this summer. At this time I believe Bernier and Carr should continue the process to establish final water districts in areas B and D. I realize the funding is not readily available. However, if we establish the districts now, when funding becomes available we will be shovel ready. That gives us a head start in the future for any future progress. Thank you.

During another privilege of the floor, Marlene Burton addressed the town board.

Marlene Burton:  Thank you for letting me speak. I'm glad to see there is going to be an audit on the water district to put this dispute to rest. But, with the cost of over nine thousand  dollars, I trust this will be funded by a special account that the citizens of the town that do not have water will not be subjected to.

At that point, the Steve Weed video cut off Mrs. Burton's statement. However, she then opined to the board that town citizens who do not have water should not be requred to contribute to the audit and surveys of the water districts.