Cape Vincent suspects illegal water hookups in district #2.

According to a Watertown Daily Times report filed by Jaegun Lee:

Cape Vincent Water District #2, "includes only three users: Donald J. Mason, a former town councilman, Wesley A. Bourcy and a Hell Street property owned by Darrel J. Aubertine and his wife, Margaret S., according to Jefferson County’s tax map."


"Town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey said the town board believes there have been six or seven unofficial hookups since the district was created 15 years ago."


  1. Anonymous4/13/2012

    There is a big difference with trailer parks.
    They only have one meter pit and the trailer park is responsible to the board of health for what every they provide to the owner. The hookups are not illegal and on record.

  2. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Very tactful to say" unofficial" hookups rather than "illegal" hookups.

  3. Anonymous4/13/2012

    If you are part of a shadow water district, outside the official boundaries of a water district and paying a neighbor instead of the town for your water, I think I would not be complaining. In fact I think I would be more embarrassed than angry.

  4. Anonymous4/13/2012


  5. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Parks are totally different. I stay in one a couple of miles out of the village on the water June through August. Donny, get your facts straight. It seems whenever you open your mouth, it's something rediculous!

  6. Anonymous4/13/2012

    I don't think all taxpayers will pay for these audits. It seems only fair that no.2 pays for forth coast and all districts pay for the money audit. This is water district business and does not concern all taxpayers.

  7. Anonymous4/13/2012

    What's the big deal? TR's secret account, Jeri-Ann stealing our money, Aubertine telling the boys, conflicts are ok, so Donny, Darrel and Bourcy a.k.a. Woods. HAve been getting free water.

    No arrests no jail time can't even embarrass these scumbags. Why waste our money?

    How about Mickey not voting? Still trying to save face with the old guard.

  8. Anonymous4/13/2012

    "The town board Thursday voted to conduct a ground survey on Cape Vincent’s Water District 2 because of a suspicion that outside users of neighboring properties were making unauthorized private hookups to the public water system."


    Also, I heard Mickey wanted to dispense with the official audit and have the board to just ask the district 2 water boys what they had done out there.

    They are a real bunch of honest fellas. They would tell, right Mickey?

    Donnie and Darrell would never lie.

  9. Anonymous4/13/2012

    If there are only three users, who is FG buying his water from. FG said he was receiving a bill and lodged a complaint that the bill had gone up. Bill from who. And who is running the district 2 business?

  10. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Anon 2:35

    The answer to your question is probably the New York State Ag & Markets Commissioner.

  11. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Are you say he is selling water to the neighbors?

  12. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Anon 403 before you sit down and throw bull$hit on this blog about topics that you know nothing about why dont you find some facts. I'm well aware that lying about people and distorting the truth under the protection of anonymity is popular on this blog but it really is costing it any credibility it ever had.
    I believe anonymity has a place on this blog but; but if you are going to cast accusations at people you should attach your name to that accusation.

  13. Anonymous4/13/2012

    4:35 " If your going to cast accusations, you should attach your name" .

    Hah! thats a good one . You can't be serious are you? All the shit that's been flogged at everyone on this blog for years,and now you want signatures for every insult and accusation? You make me laugh!

    Sounds like Mason and Mason are virtully admitting they're selling water illegally.Hell, I'd be willing to share in the cost of this investigation, if it results in jailtime for all three of them(including the AG Comm.) be a damn good investment.

  14. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Didn't Darrell run a waterline to his daughter next door. Would that be expanding the district without the town's knowledge?

    I think after watching the video today, the lawyer explained things to Frank very well. He is outside the district. He admits paying someone for his water. He is not pay the town. So who the hell is selling him water and running the business?

  15. Anonymous4/13/2012

    4:35 Anon.

    I did not accuse or state that Aubertine sold water to FG. None of us know. Rather I said he probably was the seller. After all FG has property just down Hell Street from Aubertine. FG said he is buying water, but not from the town. You do not have to have a 100 IQ to conclude that FG is probably paying Aubertine for his water. We will all find out, won't we?

  16. Anonymous4/13/2012

    Donny has said publicly many times- "its all about the money".

  17. Anonymous4/13/2012

    These guys make the three stooges look like genius's.

    How difficult is this to understand. When the town delivers water to your meter,they're responsible for the water, you are responsible for your infrastructure to your residence. You're only responsible for yourself. If you redistribute that water to other residences beyond your property and even outside the district boundaries, you're then responsible for the health and welfare of those users. Only someone making illegitmate revenue from such a scheme, would not acknowledge the difference.

    Trailer parks are residential developments. When the owner distributes his metered water to individual users he is regulated bu the Health Dept. regardless of what smarty (the angry) Marty claims.

    These folks are as defensive as Bernie Fine." We didn't do anything wrong,- honest"

    Nobody else needs to be audited Donny, just like there was no voter fraud, in Nov. You're living in your own little world of self-justification.

    This board did everything it could to avoid saying publicly they thought this was illegal. I hate political correctness.

  18. Anonymous4/16/2012

    And we Trust this guy with the Town DPW.Oh Boy what else is walking out the door?

  19. Anonymous4/16/2012

    I hope that if Mr Hershey and the town board are wrong about the illegal hook ups on line two that they apologizes to the people suspected of cheating the town out of money.