In March 2104, British Petroleum pulled the plug on a proposed Cape Vincent, NY USA industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone.....

"Reports claim the decision to pull the plug on the project follow years of controversy in the community as the majority of residents were against the plan"....ENERGYLIVE NEWS , Feb. 28, 2014

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cape Vincent suspects illegal water hookups in district #2.

According to a Watertown Daily Times report filed by Jaegun Lee:

Cape Vincent Water District #2, "includes only three users: Donald J. Mason, a former town councilman, Wesley A. Bourcy and a Hell Street property owned by Darrel J. Aubertine and his wife, Margaret S., according to Jefferson County’s tax map."


"Town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey said the town board believes there have been six or seven unofficial hookups since the district was created 15 years ago."