Dear President Obama,

This letter was recently sent by a JLL reader who has not yet registered to join the Cape Vincent Republican Party.

Dear President Obama,

The threat of industrial wind
will cost President Obama
support from those who will
lose home value and
lifestyle from proximity
to turbines.
I am sorry to tell you this.  As long as you advocate giving subsidy money to industrial wind energy I cannot support you for re-election.  In the past I have been a staunch supporter of many of your policies.   However, your position on industrial wind energy is pushing me away.  I implore you to delve into the issues surrounding industrial wind energy.  It is inefficient and expensive.  The materials used to produce the giant wind turbines are anything but green.  Excepting the construction phase, very few jobs are created.  There are many health and safety concerns.  Ice throw from the blades can be deadly.  Low frequency noise is a big problem affecting sleep.  Shadow flicker has a negative effect on people with certain conditions.  Property values of homes within sight of industrial wind turbines are drastically reduced.  Bird and bat kill from the turbines is very high. These 400-600 foot tall structures will become a blight on our American landscape affecting our beautiful scenic vistas. 

I live in New York state where Lake Ontario meets the St Lawrence River.  Our area thrives on tourism because of the natural beauty of these bodies of water.  Your recent support of Great Lakes wind development will be deadly to our tourism.  This is a major migratory flyway for birds and bats.  The delicate ecosystem will be compromised by the construction phase.  You must consider how devastating this would be for this area.  

Let’s work on researching better methods of energy production.  I will be looking for a candidate who understands that industrial wind energy is a very poor choice for America. Please don’t force me to have to vote for a Republican presidential candidate.  I have never done so and will be sad to have to do it this year.  It’s up to you.

Respectfully submitted,