NY Assembly member Addie Russell sponsors "Escape to the Cape".

This banner greets visitors to the Cape Vincent C of C web site. 

At the last Town of Cape Vincent Board meeting, Shelly Higgins of the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce told the Town Board about the exciting 2012 Cape Vincent events and promotions.

The following is a transcript of Shelly's presentation taken from the Steve Weed Productions video of the April 19 town board meeting:

Shelly Higgins:  Good evening everyone. My name is Shelly Higgins and I am the executive director of the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce, in case some of you don't know that.

I would like to let you know a few things we've been doing so far this year.

 In July of 2011, Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce, the Village and town of Cape Vincent met here in Cape Vincent with representatives from Wolfe Island  Business and Tourism Association, council members of the Frontenac Islands, Kingston Division of Tourism and Kingston Economic Development Corporation. It was discussed that we should partner together to market ourselves as a leisurely  route off I-81 to Canada via the ferries. Several meetings were held on Wolfe Island, in Kingston and here in Cape Vincent. It was agreed that more signage was needed to promote that experience of visiting Cape Vincent and then riding a boat across the St. Lawrence  River into Canada. A billboard will be installed in May on I-81 northbound, telling the route and showing the exit to take. 

The three tourism areas have formed working groups to discuss what is needed in their region to accommodate the avid cycling family, individual or group. A cycling initiative group has been formed here in Cape Vincent to work on having those amenities in place by this summer's season. The groups would like to have cycling packages available for the cyclists such as an overnight stay and breakfast in Cape Vincent with tours of the Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, Cape Vincent Historical Museum and the DEC aquarium. Then ferry tickets and lunch on Wolfe Island with rides on the bicycle trails already in place on the island. And then perhaps dinner, an overnight stay in Kingston, and tours of the many attractions there.

And then some of the events that are planned for this year are an event called Escape to the Cape where life is naturally spectacular and that is sponsored by Assembly Woman Addie Russell, the Town of Cape Vincent, and the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce.  That will be held on Saturday, May 19 here at Recreation Park from 10:00 AM to  4:00 PM. It is a "Rediscovering Your Backyard Event" for local New York and Ontario businesses to exhibit products and services. Anyone is invited to attend.

If you would like to be a vendor for this, you can contact Michelle at the town clerk's office (315 654-3660) or me at the chamber office (315 654-2481).

Shelly then went on to announce the Chamber's summer schedule of events that you can check out at this link.


  1. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Great job Shelly

  2. Anonymous4/23/2012

    A favorite of our summer is our annual bike-ferry trip.
    Across to Kingston. It would be nice to have bike storage on Wolfe Island Maryville while we do the ferry.
    See you this summer.

  3. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Bicycles? Ferry?

    I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

  4. Bicycle pickup and drop off stations for a small fee are very popular around the world.

    And the Cape, Wolfe and Kingston is easy flat riding and never very far from help if a cyclist needs assistance.

    From Cape Vincent, or in reverse, the trip is an easy day adventure with no more than eighteen miles of peddling with eating and more adventure on both ends.

    I still have fond memories of doing my first bike trip to Kingston, around 1950, to buy Matchbook cars.
    25 cents Canadian, 20 cents American in those days.

    We could get into Fort Henry for free depending on who was selling the tickets.

    We also would buy fireworks. Bury them in a big coffee can in the woods and then return by ferry (free to little friends in those days) to light them off. No fear of border security in those days.

    Today's bicycle trip to Kingston is still as exciting.

    But remember to bring your passports to Cape Vincent if you plan a ferry trip over and back.

  5. Anonymous4/23/2012

    That's the way to go Cape Vincent!
    Events,Things to do,New Business. Beats the heck out of Ruining the Town with Rotten Wind Turbines!Now let's take that Met. Tower down and close that BP office.Hasn't BP already done enough damage.They are finding alot of sea life in the Gulf of Mexico lately with abnormalities from the oil spill.What a Mess!

  6. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Great idea, just wondering why the Chamber is politizing it with the sponsorship of Addie? Anyone know?

  7. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Addie is an elected representative of the people - ALL PEOPLE - even those in a different political party. Let's not bring the typical Cape Vincent negativity into this very positive development!

  8. Anonymous4/23/2012

    There is a bike rack you can lock your bike to at the chamber of commerce in Marysville, across the street and to the right of the ferry dock. Don't forget their bakery. Homemade sweets, breads, scones....amazing!

  9. Anonymous4/24/2012

    Cape Vincent is a very bicycle friendly town. We rode along the river to the lighthouse and then to Wilson Bay, Lake Ontario. The south road to Wilson Bay (Merchant?) has a beautiful view of the Lake and a road near the Lake (had to be walked) was a great rest stop.
    Easy family riding and we will be back next year. Coe Vincent is a cycling paradise which deserves promotion.

  10. Anonymous4/24/2012

    The biking along the Seaway Trail is beautiful. From Three Mile Bay to Cape Vincent could use wide shoulders for cyclists, does anyone know if there are any plans for this?

  11. Anonymous4/24/2012

    Well, there's that famous statement I WANT MY MONEY! I WANT MY MONEY DAMMIT from a loser anti wind person 7:15 A.M. Get a real life gay boy. Hope to meet you someday and deep six your fat ass in the river.

  12. Anonymous4/24/2012


    So, tell me, how many wind turbines did you think your were getting?

  13. I don't understand, was 9:24 trying to make it clear that all he/she was interested in was money? Or were they trying take shots at someone they can't see?

    Or maybe 9:24 is anti-wind, and calling out the pro-wind attitude of the 7:15 commentor who only really cares about money?

    Does anyone in private ever really deny this probably all comes back to $$?

  14. Anonymous4/24/2012

    Donald Mason while sitting on the board and being conflicted declared that it was all about the money.

    Of course it is on both sides.

    pro-wind are only interested in the money and anti-wind are interested in protecting their home values and their investments in their town.

    For example, one motel owner defends the wind. Does the fact that the wind developers greased his palms with business during the slow winters have any effect on his actions? Of course.

    The I want my money guy is right on the mark.

    Do you think anyone would even care about wind except that it means making money for some and losing money for most?

  15. "Do you think anyone would even care about wind except that it means making money for some and losing money for most?"

    Of course not. I'm sure it's about money, and everyone I've spoken with about it agrees. I'm just curious if there is anyone that still tries to insist otherwise.

  16. Anonymous4/24/2012

    Well 9:29A.M. I have my turbines on Wolfe Island where you and the folks from the Cape use to get your strawberries. Don't have to take care of them. I still have a small strawberry path for my friends in the Cape to get some this year. Are those turbines on Wolfe Island just beautiful.

  17. Anonymous4/24/2012

    12:06 just got BUSTED! That also probably means that's the same person who keeps saying "arent' those turbines beautiful?"

    I guess since they're not getting turbines in Cape, blabbing about how they like the Wolfe Turbines is the only thing they have left. Pretty sad...