Wanted! German interpreter.


Anonymous said...

I think it says, "Bratwurst and beer causes indigestion."

Anonymous said...

My German is mostly forgotten but,
Protect our quality of life, our rural homes our ecology, our seas, and future.

Join the international protest against wind energy which is on April 3.

Something like that?

Anonymous said...

This the best I can do at a translation.

For the receipt

our health and quality
our nature and biodiversity
our horizons and land and on the sea
our real estate values and old-age insurance
the social Gerchtigkeit in the rural area

International day of protest
against wind power plants

Anonymous said...

My guess is "WE Don't want those F*****g things around our town!

Anonymous said...

Shoven Ze Pinzwheels Upen Your Asses You ShwineHut

Anonymous said...

Who cares what language it's written in aren't those turbines on Wolfe Island beautiful?