We want Doheny!


ALBANY – The Doheny For Congress campaign today submitted 8,357 signatures to qualify Matt Doheny for the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties’ lines in the upcoming 21stCongressional District election. It is the first time all three lines have been united in the north country district since 2008.

That tally includes:
  • 6,621 signatures from registered Republicans; the campaign needed 938 to qualify
  • 1,375 signatures from registered Independence Party members; the campaign needed 852 to qualify
  • 361 signatures from registered Conservatives; the campaign needed 196 to qualify
“With the petition period being one week shorter and in the spring this year, we didn’t know what kind of numbers to expect,” said Matt Doheny. “Our friends in the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties circulated petitions early and circulated them often. I am thrilled at the response they received from their colleagues and neighbors and I thank them for their hard work.”

Doheny’s 6,6621 signatures on the Republican line alone demonstrated more than twice as much community support than that of his Democratic opponent, who submitted just 2,723 signatures.

“With their signatures, the community has sent a clear message,” said Doheny. “They want one candidate who unites the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties. And they are looking forward to electing a true independent-minded candidate who will fight to keep taxes low, cut spending and reduce burdensome regulations. I look forward to their support – and that of many other like-minded individuals – in November.”


  1. Anonymous4/17/2012

    be careful about what you wish for

  2. Anonymous4/17/2012

    That's it?

    That's all you have to support Bill Owens?

    Bill Owens has done nothing resounding for our district. No legislation, no incredible job producing support of our extensive tourism region that stretches the entire length of the district and into the Adirondacks and regions of the the new district 21.

    Matt Doheny has already recognized the significance of our region and he is not even Congressman...yet.

    As JLL has said on this blog, "Bill Owens represents Washington in Washington."

    Matt Doheny will represent the NY 21 in Washington.

  3. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Well that may be true 5:58 A.M. but when he's in Washington DC his tune changes because other senators tell him this is how things are here, like it or leave. Besides Owens always finds a way to win. Wait until November, time will tell.

  4. Hey...

    Bill Owens could get Gary and Harold to harass voters and get Donie and Marty to pass a law making it illegal to vote against him. Wait. They are not on the town board anymore. Nevermind.