Wind energy from Galloo Island would be a threat to Fort Drum's security.

We will fight back and you will be kept safe as long as the wind is blowing.

Now, that is scary thought. Imagine a United States Military base depending on power generated 37 miles away on a vulnerable island in the middle of a lake. Power which is only 20% efficient and available only when the wind is blowing. Holy Crap!

Thank God that Upstate New York Power is in the business of taxpayer subsidy mining and not in the business of providing national security. What the hay is Upstate thinking with their newest scheme in trying to get Fort Drum, NY to purchase their very expensive and unreliable designer wind power so they can bleed the nation's taxpayers.

Now, I am not the only one concerned about what could turn out to be a laughable, unavoidable security issue for our cherished Fort Drum. If our military falls for such a scheme, we are in deep trouble. 

Today, in the Watertown Daily Times,  City Editor Perry White on his blog, Outside Looking In comments on Upstate New York Power's recent act of desperation in their attempt to find a buyer for wind energy produced on Galloo Island.

Perry White
WDT City Editor
(Times Photo)
Perry White said:

Any businessman will tell you that if you can only sell 20 percent of what you’re producing, you’re in a dire situation.

Then, after telling us about an alternate plan of providing Fort Drum with an easy to protect on base power plan burning biofuels, Perry White went on to say:

Upstate Power, meanwhile, can offer Fort Drum power whenever the wind is blowing enough to produce it. Let’s say there is a military or terrorist attack that knocks out power, but Fort Drum needs to have power to respond to the attack. Who they gonna call — the company on their post that they can protect indefinitely and whose power can be generated from products on post, or the company that could provide power as long as the wind is blowing at a sufficient rate (and nobody bombs Galloo Island)? Who would you want them to call? Here’s a tip: Rep. William L. Owens, a member of the Armed Forces Committee, wants them to call ReEnergy.

And, Mr. White has much, much more to say about the folly of the military becoming involved with the grid bottleneck and power provided by Upstate.