Cape Citizens Comment to PSC regarding Article X

The following are Public Hearing comments regarding Article X that were submitted to the New York State Public Service Commission by Cape Vincent Citizens. They are unedited as received by the PSC.

Comment by Janet Radley

Our recently elected Town Officials have  never wanted Wind in our Town,they have done everything against it. They have formed a committee to draw up new regulations to strigent for wind to come in. They came to this town to retire and most live here only about 3 months of the year.They don't care about saving the school or the people who live here year round struggling to survive and pay taxes to keep their one homes. We really need the income to keep most importantly our school open.I have seven grandchildren that will attend this school,one starting next year and the rest soon to follow. 
Comment by Don Mason

It would help our dieing Town and school district to keep going.
It is not often that citizens of a democracy actually
petition their government to take away home rule
as well as the rights of others in their communities.
Comment by Margaret Pond

I am a resident of Cape Vincent, NY.,have lived here and operated a business for over 50 years, now two of my sons carry on the business. I would like to recover some of the taxes paid to the town and county during those years by having turbines on my property which consists of 215 acres.

Our small town is governed by a majority of people who have moved here and have more money than most locals. They did alot of underhanded scheeming to get rid of our planning and town board members in  last falls election. They replaced local people with their people who know nothing about running the town, the only facts they know is they don't want turbines and will go to extremes to prevent them from coming.

Our local elemetary school is being threatened for closure, just one more thing Cape Vincent won't have to lure young families.  Our High school budgets have been cut also too, at a sad rate.  The turbines could solve alot of these problems.  We need this income in our town to lower or eliminate taxes, help our schools and help bring more money, new business and more tourism.

As of now, our "new town board" has proposed a bunch of new regulations so strict, they could do away with turbines.  I wish to say we need " Article X" to intervene, to put a stop to their controlling actions.

Comment by Sandy Payne

I am a lifetime perminent resident of Cape Vincent, NY.  I am involved in the Voters for Wind Committee in our town.  I will not be profitting from the windmills when they come to our town.  The town is in a lot of turmoil; but our schools need the windmills; as we are about to lose our Elemtary School because of financial reasons and our High School is operating on a very small budget.  Our schools are in trouble and could use the Pilot money that they could receive.  Everyone could use the help.  I have a lot of family and friends who are also in favor of windmills, and there are several others too.

Thank you for listening,

Comment by Richard Lawrence

In the Matter of the Rules and Regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, containing in 16 NYCRR, Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities.
Exibit 19
Their has been no public outcry about the noise from the windfarms currently operating. This in itself should weight heavily against those who say it will ruin their lives and their health. While there are certain conditions that cause the sound to be anoying, they are very short lived. We have speed boats and jet skis on the river that make much more anoying noise. 
Exhibit 27
The majority of the people who are against wind generation have a very comfortable standard of living. They selfishly do not care about those of us who struggle to pay our county and school taxes. On this mornings local news, wind turbanes were praised for keeping the Lowville School District financialy healthy. The rest of us are struggling to keep our teaching staff and programs in place. Wind  farms are a win win situation for green energy and massive tax relief for our towns and schools.
As far as property values, simply check to see what  the property values have done in the towns who currently have wind farms.
Thank You  Rick Lawrence

Comment by Paul and Elaine Mason

In the Matter of the Rules and Regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting ane the Environment, contained in 16 NYCRR, Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric Generation Facilities. I would like to address Exhibit 28 concerning economics benefits of wind. Living here our whole life, we love the beautiful area along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Life long residents such as farmers,landowners,business owners,etc. could really benefit from the wind farm economically. The local schools,town,county, and landowners are in dire need of the income and possibly tax savings a wind farm could bring to the area. The seasonal residents and retired people,who have moved to our town,are not in need of the financial benefits. They made their money in the big cities,etc. and have brought it back in their suitcases. They are not interested in financial benefits to our schools, because they have no   children or grandchildren attending these schools. We, as landowners and farmers have been stewards of the land our whole life and have worked long, hard hours producing crops to feed the people and now , we have another crop that could be harvested from our land to benefit many people, "the wind", a clean energy.The more we talk to people from other wind farm towns, we have heard how the turbines have greatly increased their economy. They have brought more  people  as tourists and more business developments to their areas.All the studies that have been done,show no negative impact on  tourism.