Jefferson County Board of Legislators opposes Eastern Lake Ontario offshore wind.

Jefferson County legislators do not believe
offshore wind is good for the
eastern end of Lake Ontario.
Tonight, at the regularly scheduled Jefferson County Board of Legislators  meeting, the Jefferson County Planning and Development committee, chaired by Barry Ormsby, brought Resolution #150 to the full board.

The resolution was in opposition to New York State's participation in the federal memorandum of understanding to speed development of offshore wind projects on the Great Lakes if sited in the eastern basin of Lake Ontario.

After a short discussion the resolution pass unanimously.

Thanks to a JLL reader for this report.


  1. Anonymous5/01/2012

    Remember when they talk about offshore wind, they really mean on the beach. This was a wise move on the part of our county leaders. Wind along the shores is not a good mix for our towns. As for PILOTs, wind developers should not be rewarded for destroying our Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence river home values and lifestyles.

  2. Anonymous5/01/2012

    That photo makes me sick. Screwing up our beautiful lake so they can keep Broadway on Manhattan lit 25% of the time is outrageous. Stick'em in the Hudson!

  3. Anonymous5/01/2012

    Better yet, Central Park. It is huge and could hold hundreds of wind turbines.
    Or, along the East River Parks, the Medowlands. Lots of places in NYC for wind turbines.

  4. Anonymous5/01/2012

    way to go barry. to show my appreciation i will be in tomorrow to buy a new tractor from you.

  5. JefCoCitizen5/02/2012


    Interestingly you remind me of what actually happened in Barry's place of business.

    Several years ago a group of farmers from Cape Vincent went to Barry's place of business and threatened to boycott them if one of the partners did not back off on his work explaining to various economic committees why industrial wind farms were not a good choice for the Agricultural Community.

    It is a well documented story and the Wood farm in Cape Vincent was involved in the intimidation of that place of business.

    Yes, the story of their intimidation flew around Jefferson and Oswego County like wildfire. It was because of the actions of those Cape farmers that many of us close to Oswego Jefferson County politics became aware of exactly how dirty industrial wind development and those who support the developers can be. As a result of my verification of that story I took notice and started to watch wind farm development very closely. I now see it as a detriment to our river and lake town.

    Mr. Ormsby understands that 40% of the value of our counties' land lies along the Oswego Shores, Golden Crescent and St. Lawrence River. Industrial wind threatens those property values and the tourism trade.

    I am glad that you appreciate the work of Mr. Ormsby and other county leaders.

  6. Anonymous5/02/2012


    Yes..and remember the vote was unanimous.

  7. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Anyone would be stupid idiot to take that resolution seriously. It means nothing and has no bases other than they don't want to look at them. Bp and Iberdrola will tear them a new on on that resolutions. They might just as well take a vote on Bud their favorite beer. But that shit they make in Sackets will still be sold here.

  8. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Anyone in their right mind would not take this resolution seriously. Nothing to back it except they don't like the looks of them. Whaaaa! they spoil my view. Good luck with that one.

  9. Anonymous5/02/2012


    I respectively disagree. The resolution is an open act of support to all those wind targeted communities that are struggling to maintain their local rule.

    The county has a planning board subordinate to the direction of the country representatives. The establishment of local zoning laws that protect the citizens of the towns in the county receive support from the county in zoning matters. It is then up to the wind towns to determine their own direction using setbacks, health and safety issues, etc. in determining what is best for the town.

    To say that our county legs are basing this on the "view" only is selling our county legislators short. I know for a fact that industrial wind is one of the biggest issues on their minds and they have concerns for the entire county. My leg in Watertown is proof of that and says there is general concern for the entire county by the legs.

  10. 7:57 said, "Anyone in their right mind would not take this resolution seriously. Nothing to back it except they don't like the looks of them. Whaaaa! they spoil my view. Good luck with that one."

    Uh, Lake Ontario is a water supply to many, not to mention the havok it would wreak on the habitat. To dismiss this as a viewshed issue ignorant at best.

  11. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Not so KC there are those in CV who are defending their view. All based on view. Idiots!

  12. I'm not saying the view-shed isn't important. It is very important. One may even be able to make a case for prohibiting turbines on view-shed, alone. However, I'm simply saying that it isn't the only legitimate issue. And water contamination is a big one! (Hydrofracking anyone?)

  13. Anonymous5/03/2012

    If view was defendable in court, there would be no condos here in Clearwater. Good luck. I would go for the setbacks and health and safety issues. And, some dumb bird runs into our condos every night.

    Also, when I return home my pro-wind democrat friends will get a tongue lashing.

  14. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Good to hear about the points you make regarding your condos in Clearwater.

    Also, just curious, Bald Eagles, Hawks or other raptors run into your condo at night?